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Griffo Distillery

Image of the Griffo Distillery, Sonoma County, California

Established 2015 | Michael and Jenny Griffo

Founded in 2015 by Michael and Jenny Griffo, the distillery is located in Petaluma, Sonoma County, California. The Distillation Still is a small batch 250 gallon Vendome Copper Pot Still, named 'Betty'. The husband and wife team have so far produced a London Style Gin, a coffee Liqueur, a Corn/Rye/Barley Whiskey Aged in American and Bordeaux Barrels, a Stout Barrel Aged Whiskey sourced locally and a Chardonnay Barrel Aged Whiskey also sourced locally, with plans for much more.
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View the facts for the Griffo Scott Street Gin, Sonoma County
London Style
USA | California | Sonoma
46% - 70cl
The Scott Street Gin was first released in 2015, using 9 locally sourced botanicals which are allowed to soak in the base spirit for 24 hours prior to distillation. The botanicals are then added to the custom made Copper Pot Still, named 'Betty' with the base spirit and distilled 5 times, producing 450 bottles at a time. The process wastes zero water, with the excess passed to local farmers for use on their farms and the heads and tails given to local wineries ...
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