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Griffo Scott Street Gin Griffo Scott Street Gin has been distilled 5 times using 9 locally sourced botanicals in a custom made 250 gallon small batch Vendome copper pot still. In Stock
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Griffo Scott Street Gin

London Style

Gin Review for the Griffo Scott Street Gin ...

- USA | California
- Sonoma
- Griffo Distillery
- Michael Griffo
- Vendome Copper Pot - 250 Gallon
- Juniper - Coriander - Grains of Paradise - Meyer Lemon - Tailed Pepper
- Angelica Root - Cassia - Liquorice - Orris Root
Alc - Btl
- 46% - 70cl

Scott Street London Style Gin Description ...

The Scott Street Gin was first released in 2015, using 9 locally sourced botanicals which are allowed to soak in the base spirit for 24 hours prior to distillation. The botanicals are then added to the custom made Copper Pot Still, named 'Betty' with the base spirit and distilled 5 times, producing 450 bottles at a time. The process wastes zero water, with the excess passed to local farmers for use on their farms and the heads and tails given to local wineries for use as a sanitizer.

Distillery | Tasting Note ...

Nose - "Bright citrus with sweetness from juniper."
Palate - "Juniper that shines with a fresh complexity from grains of paradise, Light & bright coriander, hints of Meyer lemon & angelica root."
Finish - "Earthy-tailed pepper finish, round summery softness accented with spice."

Perfect Serve - I part Scott Street Gin / Glass filled with ice / Add a slice of Grapefruit or Orange / Topped up with Fever Tree Light Tonic.
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