Floc De Gascogne Blanc - De Castelfort The Floc De Gascogne Blanc - De Castelfort is produced using white grape juice and a young Armagnac, blended together prior to fermentation. In Stock
Aperitif Floc De Gascogne Blanc - De Castelfort, from Hauts De Montrouge winery

Floc De Gascogne Blanc - De Castelfort

Hauts De Montrouge - Vin De Liqueur

- France
- South West France
- Cotes de Gascogne - Armagnac
- Hauts De Montrouge
- Colombard - Ugni Blanc - Gros Manseng
- 10 Months in French Oak Casks
- Unfermented Grape Juice and Armagnac
Alc - Btl
- 16.5% - 75cl

Tasting Note ...

Floc de Gascogne Blanc is prepared according to a tradition dating back to the 17th century. This 16.5 % Vol. liqueur wine is made by adding white grape juice to a young Armagnac The selected Armagnac must be of a minimum alcohol strength of 52%. The selected grape juice is the fine quality of the « fleur d’armagnac » obtained from unfermented wine with a minimum of 170 g/L. of sugar, the sugar being added either prior to fermentation or at the very beginning of the process in order to ensure the ideal alcohol-sugar balance.

Color - Pale yellow with golden reflections. Nose - Fine, elegant, reminiscent of the time of dried hay, honey and acacia flower. Palate - Balanced, fresh, it confirms the sensations of the nose.

Perfect Serve | Floc de Gascogne blanc is best enjoyed chilled as an aperitif, but also with a Foie Gras, a fine cheese or a dessert.
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