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Jacquard Gin The Jacquard Gin is produced by Strawhill Spirit Co. located in County Down, Northern Ireland and created by Gregg Berry and Mark Pearson. In Stock
Small Batch Gin from the Jacquard Gin from Strawhill Estate

Jacquard Gin

Strawhill Estate Spirit Company

Review for the Downshire Dry Gin ...

- Ireland | County Down
- Strawhill Estate - River Lagan
- Strawhill Estate
- Mark Pearson
- Handmade 230Lt Copper Pot Still
- Juniper - Rose - Lavender - Cardamom - Orris Root - Ginger - Cubeb Peppers
- Lemon Verbena - Golden Flax Seeds
Alc - Btl
- 44% - 70cl

Gin Description ...

The Gin is distilled using a Handmade German 230Lt Copper Pot Still with a Vapour Basket, called Brunhild. 12 botanicals are sourced from all over the world, with the Juniper and Cardamom macerated with the base spirit for 24 hours, prior to distillation. The Rose petals are placed in the vapour basket and the resulting spirit is cut with water drawen from a borehole within the Estate.

Fairley's | Tasting Note ...

Nose - "Floral with hints of spice and citrus."
Palate - "Dry with fresh lemon and lime and hints of Grapefruit, background juniper accompanied with spice."
Finish - "Floral with added citrus.

Perfect Serve - 1 part Gin / Glass filled with ice / Lime / Topped up with Fever Tree Light Tonic.
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