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Georgia's is located in at the crossroads between eastern Europe and western Asia, home to the Caucasian Mountain ranges to the north and opening to the black sea to the west. The grapevine regions of Georgia are divided into six viticulture zones and multiple micro-zones. The most important of course is Kakheti, which is famous for its traditional Georgian winemaking method, whereby a Qvevri is used, a clay vessel, lined with melted beeswax, in western Georgia they are called Churi. The climate is diverse, with both the Caucasian Mountains and the Black sea playing a huge roll, as well as the multiple River basins located among the six wine producing regions. Georgia also has 18 appellations of origin for wines registered in Georgia, two of which are Napareuli and Kakheti.
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Napareuli Marani
Appellation Napareuli - Wine of Georgia
Georgia | Kakheti
2012 | 13.5% - 75cl
Tbilvino Saperavi Red
Wine of Georgia
Georgia | Kakheti
2014 | 13% - 75cl
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