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Craftap One

Lacada Mangoes Barefoot

5.5% ABV

Lacada Mangoes Barefoot Smoothie IPA adds Chinook to Citra and Mosaic, tempering the smooth tropical fruit with a bittersweet ending.
Craftap Two

Lacada 9 Rubies

5.5% ABV

9 Rubies were set into the golden salamander that was retrieved from the Girona. 3 rubies remain & the jewel is now held at the Ulster Museum.
Craftap Three

Lough Gill Armada

5.0% ABV

Slightly floral with a fruity hop nose, with a light caramel malt aroma. Light in colour with a smooth mouth feel and ample fruity hop flavours.
Craftap Four

Kinnegar White Rabbit

4.5% ABV

This classic American wheat blends fruity malt with fruity hop flavours and opens them up with a voluminous, puffy white head.
Craftap Five

Bullhouse P45 Pale Ale

4.8% ABV

Dangerously drinkable pale ale. Strong biscuity backbone underpinned with a plentful dose of citrus fruit from the Amarillo.
Craftap Six

Lacada Shore Dulse Stout

5.8% ABV

Brewed using locally sourced Dulse from the North Coast of Ireland and malt smoked by Ballycastle based North Coast Smokehouse.
BarTap 1

Lacada East the Beast IPA

6.0% ABV
BarTap 2

Lacada Escudos DDH Pale Ale

4.5% ABV
BarTap 3

Lacada West Bay Citra Pale Ale

4.6% ABV
BarTap 4

Lacada Devil's Washtub North Coast IPA

5.2% ABV