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Cherry Heering
The Original Cherry Liqueur
Denmark | Zealand | Copenhagen
24% - 70cl
The world famous Heering cherry liqueur was established in 1818 by Peter f Heering and is best known as the original cherry brandy liqueur. The process of production is maceration, where natural cultivated Danish cherries (Stevens Cherries) are macerated with brandy and spices. The infused produce is then cask matured for up to 5 years, with natural beetroot and dry sugar added during the ageing process. The finished product contains only natural ingredients, no additives or artificial colouring ...
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Kwai Feh Lychee Liqueur
Netherlands | Holland | Schiedam
20% - 70cl
The pure essence of fresh lychee fruit, captured in the light, sweet natural tasting liqueur, oriental in flavour gets its name from lady Yang Kwei Fei, concubine of Hsuan Tsung, the last emperor of the T’ang dynasty. The liqueur appears light pink, almost peach in colour with seductive tropical fruit character, layered with blackberry and sweet vanilla on the nose. The palate displays herbaceous characters with subtle lychee and rich raspberry, finishing clean with rose water and citrus. Serve chilled as an after dinner liqueur.
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Lazzaroni Limoncino Del Chiostro
Italian Lemon Liqueur
Italy | Lombardy | Varese-Saronno
28% - 50cl
Limoncino Del Chiostro is produced by Lazzaroni, using organic lemons sourced from Sicily, although traditionally the zest of Femminello Saint-Teresa lemons, also known as Sorrento Lemons, were used. The untreated outer rind of the lemon is steeped in neutral spirit, until the extraction of oils occurs. The resulting distillate is mixed with a simple syrup, made up from sugar and water. Lazzaroni produces two Limoncino Del Chiostro’s, one at 32% abv and this one at 28% abv ...
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Limoncello Del Lago
Liquore al Limone
Italy | Lombardy | Varese - Saronno
28% - 70cl
Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur typical produced in southern Italy. The lemons used are sourced from the Amalfi coast and produced by steeping the yellowish pulp (outer rind) in rectified spirit. After maceration the extracted oils are mixed with a sugar syrup. The resulting fruit liqueur should be chilled and best served as a digestive. The Limoncello Del Lago is produced by Paolo Lazzaroni & Figli and produced according to a century old recipe, through the infusion of non-treated lemon peel.
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Mandarine Napolean
Grande Liqueur Imperiale
Belgium | Walbon Brabent | Braine
38% - 70cl
Mandarine Napolean was first bottled in 1892 by Belgium company ‘Fourcroy’. Sicilian grown mandarins (tangerines) are picked and macerated with a selection of spices and plants, which include clove, nutmeg, cinnamon and angelica, as well as green and black tea. The extraction is then distilled and from the distillation cognac, sugar and water are added with final ageing taking place in oak casks. The distinctive colour is the result of the distillation, aided by both the ingredients and wood of the barrel.
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