Coole Swan Superior Irish Cream Liqueur The Coole Swan Superior Irish Cream Liqueur is one of Ireland's first, if not first Premium Cream Liqueur, Blended with the finest of Irish Single Malt Whiskeys. In Stock
Belgium Chocolate Coole Swan Superior Cream Liqueur produced in Ireland

Coole Swan Superior Irish Cream Liqueur

Produced and Bottled in Ireland

- Ireland
- County Cavan
- Lakeland
Base Ingredients
- Irish single malt whiskey
- Cavan Farm Fresh Cream
- Belgium Chocolate - Bitter Sweet Cocoa
- Infused Bourbon Vanilla
Alc - Btl
- 16% - 70cl

Coole Swan Tasting Note ...

Appearance - "Coole Swan’s signature appearance is characterised by a delicate cream hue, imparted by the white chocolate and single malt whiskey that we personally selected to create the blend." Nose - "Any fine drink should be smelled before sipped. Pour a measure of Coole Swan into a frosted glass of ice and you’ll experience a rich scent that’s softened by the spicy, sweet and nutty tones of our triple distilled Single Irish Malt Whiskey." Taste - "As a liqueur that’s drawn the line between old Irish drinks and new, Coole Swan’s flavour is both smooth and original."

Coole Swan Serving - Coole Snowman - Coole swan liqueur / white rum / banana liqueur / milk and ice – Or Chilled Neat with Ice.
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