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Dingle Distillery

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Dingle Distillery Pot Still Vodka
Small Batch Irish Vodka
Ireland | County Kerry | Dingle
40% - 70cl
Dingle vodka (DDV) uses a fine grain neutral spirit sourced from Sweden, without a column still, the distillery must source the neutral spirit from elsewhere. The spirit is distilled in a small batch, 500 litre, copper pot still known as Oisin, distilled five times the finished spirit is cut with water drawn from the distilleries own well, 240 feet below. The finished product is then charcoal filtered, cleansing the spirit before being number by batch.
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Dingle Original Pot Still Gin
Small Batch Irish Gin
Ireland | County Kerry | Dingle
42.5% - 70cl
Dingle Distillery located on the Dingle peninsula at the door step to the Atlantic Ocean was established in 2012 in an old sawmill on the fringe of Dingle. The process starts with the distillation of grain spirit in a small batch 500 Litre copper pot still called Oisin. The distillate vapours pass through the flavor basket, located at the neck of the still and only when distillation is complete, is the distillate allowed to pass through, capturing the unique character of the nine traditional and locally grown botanicals ...
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