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The Dublin Liberties Distillery

Image of Master Distillery Darryl McNally, The Dublin Liberties Distillery

Drioglann Na Saoirsi

The site for the Dublin Liberties Distillery was acquired by Quintessential Brands back in March 2016, with the acquisition of the Dublin Whiskey Company. They hope the Liberties Distillery will be open for visitors in the summer of 2018, with Master Distiller Darryl McNally at the helm. The Mill Street building has 300 plus years of distilling history and with some 12 million pound investment should prove to be a success; the distillery has already launched a number of whiskeys, such as The Dubliner, Dead Rabbit and The Dublin Liberties Irish Whiskey.
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Review the Dead Rabbit Irish Whiskey Blend, from Quintessential Brands
Blended Irish Whiskey from the Liberties, Dublin
Ireland | Dublin | The Liberties
44% - 70cl
The Blend Irish Whiskey has been aged for 5 years in seasoned Kentucky Bourbon Casks and finally finished in small 100lt American Virgin Oak Barrels, handcrafted by Kelvin Cooperage, a family run business in Louisville, Kentucky. The entire process overlooked by Master Distiller Darryl McNally, of the Dublin Liberties Distillery.

Colour - "Dark golden honey."
Nose - "Rich overtones of bourbon and vanilla."
Palate - "Irish Whiskey heart, with a burst of bourbon vanilla attitude."
Finish - "A long vanilla finish."
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