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Uncle Val's Botanical Gin The Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin is a gluten free experience that is produced using neutral grain spirit distilled 5 times and infused with 5 different botanicals. In Stock
70cl Bottle image of the Gluten Free Handcrafted Uncle Val's Gin

Uncle Val's Botanical Gin

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Gin Review for the Uncle Val's Gin ...

- USA | California
- Sonoma
- 35 Maple Street Distillery
- August Sebastiani
- Column Still - Neutral Grain Spirit
- Juniper - Cucumber - Meyers Lemon - Desert Sage - Lavender
Alc - Btl
- 45% - 70cl

Gluten Free Gin Description ...

The gluten free gin is produced using 5 times distilled neutral grain, infused botanicals, filtered over carbon and lava rock and cut with Cascade Mountain spring water. The botanicals are added after distillation with the use of immersion bags, giant tea bags, allowing the locally sourced botanicals too steep for several hours. The resulting gin is an award winning that is extremely different and really very good.

Fairley's Wines Tasting Note ...

Nose - "The nose is bright with inviting notes of lemon zest, cucumber and a faint hint of Orris."
Palate - "The palate is smooth and luxurious with a little bit of heat from the alcohol. The initial flavour of the gin is slightly sweet from the lavender and citrus notes. As the gin lingers on your palate the flavours evolve and develop more savoury characters from the juniper and sage."
Finish - "The finish is warm with long notes of juniper, sage, tarragon. As those savoury notes fade away, lemon zest re-emerges bright and fresh waiting for the next drink."

Conclusion - The Botanical Gin is a good example of a citrus forward contemporary gin. It works well in a dry martini. The savoury sage notes pair well with the vermouth and they are balanced nicely with the bright lemon zest. I would also imagine that this Botanical Gin would work well in a Bee's Knees.
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