Muff Liquor Company Irish Potato Gin The Muff Liquor Company Irish Potato Gin has been distilled 6 times using 9 botanicals and infused with a locally distilled potato base spirit. 52
70cl image of the Potato Gin from the Muff Liquor Company

Muff Liquor Company Irish Potato Gin

400 Years in the Making

- Ireland
- Inishowen Peninsula - County Donegal
- Arderin Distillery - Tullamore
- Eoin Bara
- Rotary Evaporation Method
- Potato Based Spirit
- Juniper - Coriander - Angelica - Mandarin - Lemon - Rosemary
- Elderflower
Alc - Btl
- 40% - 70cl

Company | Tasting Note ...

Very much a traditional inspired gin, juniper forward, spicy and aromatic.

Nose - "Zesty citrus mandarin on the rise with a hint of elderflower wafting upwards." Palate - "Juniper forward with a little kick of spice and citrus rounding out the full body and very smooth from the potato based and distilled 6 times." Finish - "A bright expression bursting with character, bittersweet mandarin with notes of elderflower and a hint of dryness."

Perfect Serve - I part Muff Gin / Glass filled with ice / slice of Mandarin Orange / Topped up with Fever Tree Light Tonic.
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