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Muff Liquor Company Irish Potato Gin The Muff Liquor Company Irish Potato Gin has been distilled 6 times using 9 botanicals and infused with a locally distilled potato base spirit. 52
70cl image of the Potato Gin from the Muff Liquor Company

Muff Liquor Company Irish Potato Gin

400 Years in the Making

Review for the Muff Irish Potato Craft Gin ...

- Ireland | Inishowen Peninsula
- County Donegal
- Arderin Distillery - Tullamore
- Eoin Bara
- Rotary Evaporation Method
- Potato Based Spirit
- Juniper - Coriander - Angelica - Mandarin - Lemon - Rosemary
- Elderflower
Alc - Btl
- 40% - 70cl

Potato Gin Description ...

Released in February 2018 the Irish Potato Craft Gin has been distilled 6 times using four different types of Irish Potatoes. The Finnegan’s Farm Potatoes are chopped in small squares and placed in a mashtun and heated, with water, enzymes and vitamins added, eventually allowed to rest in fermentation tanks for 2 to 4 days, prior to fermentation.

Company | Tasting Note ...

Very much a traditional inspired gin, juniper forward, spicy and aromatic

Nose - "Zesty citrus mandarin on the rise with a hint of elderflower wafting upwards."
Palate - "Juniper forward with a little kick of spice and citrus rounding out the full body and very smooth from the potato based and distilled 6 times."
Finish - "A bright expression bursting with character, bittersweet mandarin with notes of elderflower and a hint of dryness."

Perfect Serve - I part Muff Gin / Glass filled with ice / slice of Mandarin Orange / Topped up with Fever Tree Light Tonic.
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