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Listoke 1777 Small Batch Irish Gin The Origin Green, Listoke 1777 Irish gin has been produced in 350 Litre batches, using the Dutch Automated Stainless Steel iStill and cut with Boyne Valley Water. In Stock
Image of the Irish Small Batch Listoke 1777 Gin

Listoke 1777 Small Batch Irish Gin

Spiorad na Beatha

Review for the Boyne Valley Gin ...

- Ireland | County Louth
- Tenure - Monasterboice
- Listoke Distillery
- Bronagh Conlon
- Dutch iStill 500 Pro Series Still
- Juniper - Angelica Root - Orange - Oris Root - Jasmine - Cassia - Orange Peel
- Cardamom - Rowan Berry
Alc - Btl
- 43.3% - 70cl

Description of the Small Batch Gin ...

Established in 2016, the County Louth Gin initial roots where in a 200-year-old Barn at Listoke House and Gardens. The Distillery uses the Automated Stainless steel iStill from the Netherlands, with the gin distilled in 350lt batches, using water sourced from the Boyne Valley, with the production method awarded ‘Origin Green’ status.

Tasting Note from Distillery ...

A robust and well-rounded gin with a bold taste.
Nose - "Jasmine provides a tree worth of blossom on the nose."
Palate - "Juniper appears immediately while citrus notes remain across the entire delivery."
Finish - "Cardamom and rowan berries provide a perfect amount of spice and heat that linger long after the last sip."

Perfect Serve - 1 part 1777 / Glass filled with ice / Orange Peel / Topped up with a Premium Tonic.
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