Hendrick's Small Batch Handcrafted Gin Released in 2001 Hendrick's Small Batch Handcrafted Gin is a blend of spirits, distilled in two different stills, using multiple different Botanicals.
Distilled and Bottled in Scotland

Hendrick's Small Batch Handcrafted Gin

Distilled and Bottled in Scotland

Hendrick's Small Batch Handcrafted Gin Facts ...

- Scotland | South Ayrshire
- Girvan
- The Girvan Distillery | William Grant and Sons
- David Stewart and Lesley Gracey
- Carter Head Still and Bennett Pot Still
- Juniper - Coriander - Citrus Peel - Cucumber
Alc - Btl
- 41.4% - 70cl

Small Batch Description ...

Hendrick's Gin is a marriage of two different spirits from two small batch 500lt stills, John Dore Carter-Head still and The Bennett Pot still. Overseeing the production process Master Distillers Lesley Gracey and John Ross are responsible for infusion of botanicals and Hendrick's unique taste. The signature includes Bulgarian Rosa Damascena and specially selected Cucumbers, as well as Orris root, Cubeb berry and lemon, multiple botanicals from the corners of the earth.

Fairley's Wines Tasting Note ...

Nose - "The Gin appears crystal clear with aromas of rose petal and Juniper; most notable is the presents of cucumber and underlying spice."
Palate - "The palate is sweet and silky smooth with zesty citrus, juniper and very fresh, finishing clean with floral and aromatic notes."

Hendrick's Cucumber Gin and Tonic - 2 parts Hendrick's over ice / 2 slices of Cucumber / Lemon / topped up with a Premium Tonic.
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