Glendalough Wild Autumn Botanical Gin The Base botanicals and Seasonal botanicals used within the Glendalough Wild Autumn Botanical Gin have been sourced locally, growing wild within the Wicklow Mountains.
Bottle imge of the Autumn Botanical Seasonal Gin from Glendalough

Glendalough Wild Autumn Botanical Gin

Wild Botanical Seasonal Gin - Glendalough Irish Whiskey Ltd

- Ireland
- County Wicklow
- Glendalough
- Glendalough Distillery
- Arnold Holstein Copper Still
Base Botanicals
- Juniper - Coriander Seeds - Lemon Peel - Angelica Root
- Liquorice Root - Bitter Almond - Orris Root - Ceylon Cinnamon
- Ginger - All Spice
- Fraughan Berries - Mountain Heather - Blackberries - Wild Mint
- Damson - Elderberry - Crab Apple - Yarrow - Sea Buckthorn
- Meadowsweet - Rosehips - Angelica Flowers
Alc - Btl
- 42% - 70cl

Glendalough Distillery Tasting Note ...

Nose - "The nose is earthy but floral with underlying heather and blackberries." Palate - "The taste has incredible depth of flavour, smooth and rounded with a touch of sweetness to the fore. Followed by hints of clover, Fraughan berries and damsons." Finish - "The Finish lingers, long and smooth with citrus and classic notes of juniper. This one bursts with nature’s ripe bounty from the valleys surrounding our distillery."

Glendalough Autumn Gin and Tonic - 1 part Glendalough Autumn Gin over ice / 2 slices of Green Apple / topped up with a Premium Tonic.
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