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Glendalough Beech Leaf Gin The Glendalough Wild Botanical Beech Leaf Gin is part of the Distillery Ginteresting Series and was introduced to the Irish market in the warm summer of 2018. In Stock
Glendalough's Ginteresting apple flavoured Beech Leaf Gin

Glendalough Beech Leaf Gin

Wild Irish Gin - Ginteresting Series

Review for the Small Batch Beech Gin ...

- Ireland | County Wicklow
- Glendalough
- Glendalough Distillery
- Arnold Holstein Copper Still
Base Botanicals
- Beech Leaf infused with Signature Gin
Alc - Btl
- 41% - 50cl

Description of the Wild Botanical Beech Gin ...

The honey coloured Beech Leaf gin is a marriage of the signature Glendalough Gin and bright green leaves from the Wicklow mountains many Beech Trees, picked in early summer the leaves are infused with the gin over a 5/6 month period, allowing the fresh apple flavoured leaves time to colour the gin a distinctive honey tone.

Glendalough Distillery Tasting Note | 41% Beech Leaf ...

Nose - "Spice, sandalwood, apple."
Palate - "Complex, fresh apple & nutty tones."
Finish - "Citrus & cinnamon."

Perfect Serve - Neat, as a digestif. With soda water and orange/apple.
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