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Frankie and Eileen's Sweet Pink Gin Frankie and Eileen’s Sweet Pink Gin has been produced using the base gin, distilled in a 350Lt Copper Pot Still and infused with Rose petal. In Stock
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Frankie and Eileen's Sweet Pink Gin

Batch Distilled | Special Release

Review for the Pot Still Sweet Rose Gin ...

- Ireland | Antrim
- Randalstown
- Frankie & Eileen's Distillery
- Neil Armstrong
- Geterbrewed Copper Pot Still
- Juniper - English Coriander Seed - Angelica - Lemon Peel - Potato Peel
- Pea Pods - Orris Root - Liquorice Root - Cardamom - Grains of Paradise
- Cassis - Bitter Orange - Sweet Orange - Rose Petal.
Alc - Btl
- 41% - 70cl

Gin Description ...

The Rose Gin is produced using the 13 botanical base gin, distilled in a Geterbrewed Copper pot still by distiller Neil Armstrong and infused with the rose petal over a 48 hour period, with the recipe designed by Jonathan Mitchell himself.

Fairley's | Tasting Note ...

Nose - "The Gin is a smooth classic Citrus forward Gin with beautiful earthy notes."
Palate - "Juniper front with delightful sweet citrus, touches of liquorice and much more."
Finish - "An expression of excellence, finish clean and fresh with lasting earthy tones."

Perfect Serve - 1 part F&E / Glass filled with ice / slice of Mandarin Orange and Lemon Peel / Topped up with Fever Tree Light Tonic.
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