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Arderin Distillery | Mór Gin

Tullamore Handcrafted Irish Gin

Arderin Distillery was established in 2015 by Eoin Bara, located in the town of Tullamore, the micro distillery produces craft gin, under the Mór Handcrafted Gin Label. The name is derived from the highest peak of the Slieve Bloom Mountains, where they also draw their water from, as well as source certain botanicals. They distillers use what is known as Rotary Evaporation Method to distil the gin, with the process taking several days, whereby most of the botanicals are steeped for 24 hours with the neutral grain spirit, before distillation. The Gin’s produced are certainly different and fit in well with the competing market.
Belfast Artisan Distillery

The Genuine Belfast Spirit

The Distillery was established in May 2018 by Master Distiller Ian Perry and is located in Mallusk, County Antrim. The locally based distillery uses a Genio 500 Still manufactured in Poland, and pure Irish water, combined with locally grown botanicals to introduce their Artisan Small Batch Gin, with plans for an Irish vodka and other spirit based products to follow.
Belfast Gin Distillery Limited

Established 2016 - Pro Tanto Quid Retribuamus

Bonac Gin

Natural Botanicals | Artisan Crafted

Bonac Spirits Ltd

Bonac Spirits Limited was established in July 2015 by Father and Son, Michael and Gavin Clifford. The Boutique Distillery is located Newtownmountkennedy, County Wicklow and enlisted the professional help of John Dore & Co, with the design of the copper pot still and adjacent equipment, which in turn was manufactured in Ireland. Currently the Distillery has produced one product Bonac 24 Gin but fully intends to add many more in the coming months and years.
Cadenhead's Old Raj Gin

Distilled in Great Britain

Old Raj Gin was first introduced by Wm Cadenhead in 1972, also the same year that J&A Mitchell, current owners of Springbank Distillery, acquired the company. The gin is distilled by Hayman’s and transported to Campbeltown, where the saffron is infused and the gin is bottled. There are now three gins produced by the company, red label bottled at 46% abv, blue label bottled at 55% abv and most recently, the classic gin bottled at 40% abv.
Copeland Gin

Copeland Spirits Ltd | Gareth Irvine

Premium Infused Gin - Lovingly Handcrafted

Copeland Gins was founded in 2015 by Gareth Irvine and is located in Saintfield, County Down. Gareth raised a substantial amount of money through crowdfunding and introduced to the fastest growing market in Northern Ireland, two fruit infused gins, Copeland Gin Raspberry Mint and Copeland Gin Rhuberry. The neutral spirit is initially distilled in Holland by the house of Herman Jansen and then the Dutch Gin is infused by hand, with natural locally sourced fruit. The process of maceration takes place over a 7-10 day period, resulting in two fresh and unique handcrafted artisan gins that have hit the market with a storm.
Dingle Distillery
Echlinville Distillery - Gin

Irish Whiskey | Gin | Poitin - Shane Braniff

Northern Ireland’s first fully licenced distillery in over 125 years, Echlinville received the licence to distil in 2013, located in near kircubbin in County Down. The Distillery officially opened the doors to the public in 2016 and founder Shane Braniff has gone from strength to strength, producing two pot still single estate gin’s - Jawbox and Echlinville, relaunching Dunville's Whiskey and distilling an Irish Poitin, with plans to add a potato Vodka.
Edgerton Distillers

Martin Edgerton Gill | Drink Pink

Edgerton Distillers was formed by Martin Edgerton Gill, formerly of the London Gin Company, combined with Dr Malcolm Stewart; they launched the world's first pink gin in 2011. The award winning gin is distilled at Thames Distillers and contains 15 Botanicals, sourced from all over the world. Dr Malcolm Stewart is credited with creating the encyclopaedia on botanicals and with finding the perfect aphrodisiac, Damiana – the honeymoon herb of Mexico, ingredient within.
Frankie & Eileen's Distillery

Deborah and Jonathan Mitchell

The Distillery uses a 350LT Geterbrewed Copper pot still manufactured from locally sourced copper. Distiller Neil Armstrong is responsible for the 13 botanical base gin, with recipe development in the hands of Jonathan. Each small batch distillation takes approximately 3 to 4 days, from the hot steeping of botanicals, to the distillation process itself.
Glendalough Distillery - Gin

Glendalough Irish Whiskey Ltd

Glendalough Whiskey | Ireland's First Craft Distillery

Glendalough Distillery was founded in 2011 in Glendalough, County Wicklow. The distillery is located near the mouth of the Glendalough Valley, in a small church called Saint Kevin's, on the grounds of a 18th century estate known locally as Glendalough House. Glendalough meaning "the valley of the two lakes" is also home to a medieval monastic settlement, Founded by St Kevin in the 6th Century. The distillery not only produces Irish whiskey, Irish malts whiskey and Seasonal Gin but also has a range of Poitins, finished in different casks. The distillery is also Ireland's first craft distillery and is seated in one of the most beautiful valleys in Ireland.
Griffo Distillery

Established 2015 | Michael and Jenny Griffo

Founded in 2015 by Michael and Jenny Griffo, the distillery is located in Petaluma, Sonoma County, California. The Distillation Still is a small batch 250 gallon Vendome Copper Pot Still, named 'Betty'. The husband and wife team have so far produced a London Style Gin, a coffee Liqueur, a Corn/Rye/Barley Whiskey Aged in American and Bordeaux Barrels, a Stout Barrel Aged Whiskey sourced locally and a Chardonnay Barrel Aged Whiskey also sourced locally, with plans for much more.
Mayfield Distilling Company | Sussex Hop Gin

Created by James Rackham

The Sussex Gin presentation depicts a 10th Century Story, between Saint Dunstan and the Devil and is told in the Mayfield Gin's slogan 'Single farm gin DRAGGED BY ITS nostrils to St. Dunstan's copper Pot'. The artisan gin is a bonding of 7 botanicals, distilled separately and married with English Hops, only found in Mayfield.
Midleton Micro Distillery

Method and Madness Irish Whiskey

(MM) – Irish Distillers

Method and Madness is a new range of Irish Whiskey, introduced by Irish distillers and produced at Midleton's Micro Distillery, County Cork. The Range brings together distillers new and old, creating an Irish whiskey, which reflects the next generation of Irish distillers. Located on a site, adjacent to the old Jameson Plant, the Micro Distillery which forms part of the main Midleton distillery, intends to reinvent whiskey recipes from as far back as the 1800s but add a new modern feel.
Ninth Wave Irish Gin by Hinch Distillery

Mac Lir | Otherworld

Mac Lir, the name of the Celtic Irish sea god, meaning ‘Son of the Sea’ and poetical ruler of the ocean. He was considered a prosperous farmer on the ‘plains of the sea’ with shoals of fish instead of herds of cattle and sheep.

In Irish mythology, the Otherworld islands, home of Mac Lir, lie ‘beyond the ninth wave’. The ninth wave is said to be greater than any other wave before it, and is also known as the ‘Wave of Transformation’. The Tuatha de Danann attempted to protect Ireland from the attack of the invading Milesians by shrouding the land in fog and storms. They ordered the Milesians to go back beyond the ninth wave but the poet Amergin countered the Danann magic, and breached the spell; supposedly, it was the ninth wave itself which broke through. The Imramma is a sacred sea voyage in Irish mythology which takes the traveller beyond the ninth wave in search of the magical Otherworld and the Gods which inhabit it.
Old Carrick Mill Distillery

Ireland's Ancient East

Established by Stephen Murphy in 2014, The Old Carrick Mill Distillery is located in Ireland's ancient east at Derrylavin, Carrickmacross, County Monaghan. The distillery is an old flour mill, which dates back to 1790 and is home to two deep spring water wells. The first product to be produced is the award winning Old Carrick Gin, with plans in place, to distil an Irish Whiskey 'Rogues Reserve Barrel', matured in 50 350Lt Ex-Chateau Magnol Bordeaux oak barrels.
Sharish Gin Distillery

Established 2013 | António Cuco

António Cuco founded the Sharish Gin Distillery in 2013, situated in the village of Monsaraz, in the heart of the Alentejo wine region, one of Portugal’s finest. The former school teacher grows the oranges and lemons on his own estate and together they form the base line along with the locally grown apple bravo de Esmolfe for his existing gin range. The distillation of each botanical is carried out separately and slowly, with the vanilla and cinnamon infused later. The distillery uses currently two Portuguese Traditional Alembic Stills, with around 450 bottles per batch, which are individually numbered and signed.
Shortcross Gin

Shortcross Gin | Craft Gin Distilled in Ireland

Rademon Estate Distillery | Irish Gin

The Small Batch Gin was established 2012 by David and Fiona Boyd-Armstrong, located at Rademon Estate in Downpatrick, County Down. Shortcross Gin was Northern Ireland's first premium craft gin, distilled from 450lt copper pot still and estate drawn water. The name Shortcross is derived from the Gaelic for Crossgar, ’An Chrois Ghearr’.
Sliabh Liag Irish Gin Distillery

Drioglann Shliabh Liag

The Sliabh Liag Distillery intends to be the 1st Irish Whiskey distillery in Donegal, Ireland in over 170 years. The distillery is focused in and around the beautiful Sliabh Liag - Slieve League coastal cliffs. Owners James and Moira Doherty are already distilling, using a Forsyth bespoke gin still to produce the An Dulaman Seaweed Gin and have also released the Silkie Irish Whiskey, produced for them by an independent distiller. With the new distillery, located on a 20 acre site and with full planning in place, the husband and wife team, intend to distil 400,00 litres of triple distilled single malt and pot still whiskies per year, by spring 2019.
Smyth & O'Reilly Artisan Irish Distillers | Silver Spear

Ballydarton House

Smyth & O'Reilly was formed in January 2015 at the Ballydarton Distillery in Fenagh, County Carlow. Located in the hills of Mount Leinster the house dates back to 1715, and was home to Captain John Henry Watson, who was awarded the Silver Spear in 1876 for horsemanship, by the Cawnpore Tent Club – Kanpur, India. The gin recognises his achievements ' Silver Spear ' and provides an iconic piece of Irish and British military history.
The Boatyard Distillery

Boatyard Gin | Lough Erne

The Boatyard Distillery is located in the Tully Bay Marina and started production in 2016, making it the 1st active distillery in Enniskillen since 1887. Founder Joe McGirr is joined by Darren Rook and Greg Dillon; together they distil their own base spirit from organic malted wheat, sourced from the family farm and Champagne yeast, with the base spirit rectified at 96% abv. The Boatyard Gin itself is distilled and infused with botanicals that are all organically grown, with the organic juniper coming from Bulgaria and the sweet gale from the farm.
The Muff Liquor Company

Established 2017 | Laura Bonner and Tom Russell

Established in 2017 the Muff Liquor Company introduced the Irish Potato Craft Gin in early 2018. The business is owned by Laura Bonner and Tom Russell, with Laura having a particular affiliation to the Inishowen Peninsula and the village of Muff, situated near the river Foyle in County Donegal. The company have plans to produce an array of spirits, with a potato Vodka next on the horizon and eventually open their very own distillery in their native Village.
The Shed Distillery | Drumshanbo

PJ Rigney - Drumshanbo Irish Spirits

The Shed Distillery was established in December 2014 by founder’s PJ and Denise Rigney and is in the Village of Drumshanbo, County Leitrim overlooking the shores of Lough Allen. The distillery is the first in Connacht in over 100 years and their first product produced from an Arnold Holstein copper pot still was Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin, with the addition of Von Hallers Gin thereafter.
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50cl bottle image, An Dulaman Gin, 43.2% ABV, Sliabh Liag
Sliabh Liag Peninsula | Donegal
Ireland | Donegal | Sliabh Liag Peninsula
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43.2% - 50cl
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Small Batch Distilled - Original Pot Still Gin
Ireland | Belfast | Alchemy Distil Limited
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Small Batch Irish Gin
Ireland | Antrim
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The Ballyvolane House Spirits Company
Ireland | County Cork | Fermoy - Castlelyons
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42% - 70cl
Bloom Premium London Dry Gin
Greenall's Distillery - G & J Distillers
England | Cheshire | Warrington
40% - 70cl
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Irish Spirit Distilled in Fermanagh - Lough Erne
Ireland | County Fermanagh | Enniskillen
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Irish Spirit Distilled in Fermanagh - Lough Erne
Ireland | County Fermanagh | Enniskillen
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46% - 70cl
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Christmas Pudding and French Sauterne
Ireland | County Fermanagh | Enniskillen
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41% - 70cl
Bonac 24 Gin
Small Batch Irish Dry Gin
Ireland | Wicklow | Newtownmountkennedy
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42% - 70cl
Boodles British Gin
Cock Russell and Company - London Dry
England | Cheshire | Warrington
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40% - 70cl
Brockmans Gin
Intensely Smooth Premium Gin
England | London | Brockmans Gin Ltd
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40% - 70cl
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Distilled in Great Britain
Scotland | Argyll | Campbeltown
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50% - 70cl
Distilled with Pure Collagen
England | Midlands
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40% - 50cl
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Limited Edition Glass Pack
Ireland | County Down | Saintfield
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70cl Copeland Raspberry Mint Gin, view the facts
Premium Infused Gin - Lovingly Handcrafted
Ireland | County Down | Saintfield
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37.8% - 70cl
70cl Copeland Rhuberry Gin bottle image, view the facts
Premium Infused Gin - Lovingly Handcrafted
Ireland | County Down | Saintfield
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37.8% - 70cl
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Limited Edition Premium Gin Fusion's
Ireland | County Down | Saintfield
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37.8% - 70cl
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Limited Edition Premium Gin Fusion's
Ireland | County Down | Saintfield
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37.8% - 70cl
Death's Door Gin
Washington Island - Death's Door Passage
USA | Wisconsin | Dane County - Middleton
47% - 70cl
Dingle Original Pot Still Gin
Small Batch Irish Gin
Ireland | County Kerry | Dingle
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42.5% - 70cl
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