Copeland Spiced Apple Blackcurrant Gin The new Copeland Spiced Apple Blackcurrant Gin has been introduced for Christmas, locally sourced infused fruit from farmers and growers throughout County Down. 16
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Copeland Spiced Apple Blackcurrant Gin

Limited Edition Premium Gin Fusion's

Review for the Copeland Apple, Cinnamon and Blackcurrant Gin ...

- Ireland | County Down
- Saintfield
- Herman Jansen Distillery
- Master Distiller - Ad Van der Lee
- Founder - Gareth Irvine
- Copper Pot Still - Dutch Method
- Juniper - Coriander - Cinnamon
Alc - Btl
- 37.8% - 70cl

Description of the Christmas Copeland Gin ...

The County Down Infused Gin is a combination of locally grown fruit, with the Apples and Blackcurrant combined with cinnamon, infused with the Dutch distilled spirit to produce a handcrafted premium gin. Each batch is completed every couple of days and each bottle is filled and sealed by hand, in Gareth’s home town of Saintfield.

Tasting Note from Fairley's Wines ...

Nose - "Christmas spice, mingled with fresh apples and Blackcurrant, locked in with powered cinnamon."
Palate - "Rich with Blackcurrant fruit, spiced apple and Cinnamon, leaving the mouth confused and looking for more."
Finish - "Long and fresh, with lasting Xmas spiced fruits and strangely warming."

Perfect Serve - 1-part Xmas Gin / Glass filled with ice / Sliced Green Apple or Blackcurrants / Topped up with a neutral Tonic.
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Limited Edition Glass Pack
Ireland | County Down | Saintfield
Two Branded Copeland Gin Glasses
The Copeland Gin Glass Pack priced at £18.00 does NOT include the gin, Please SELECT the glass pack to be added to cart and you will then be prompted to select the gin of choice from the checkboxes below, upon selection the gin of choice will be added to cart along with the empty Glass Pack. Included within the Glass Pack are two branded Copeland Gin glasses housed in a beautifully designed cardboard gift box.
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Copeland Spirits Ltd - Premium Infused Gin - Lovingly Handcrafted
Ireland | County Down | Saintfield
37.8% - 70cl
Founded in 2015 by Gareth Irvine in Saintfield, County Down, Copeland Spirits Ltd in conjunction with the house of Herman Jansen have produced the Copeland Gin Raspberry & Mint infusion. The gin infusion is produced using a premium Dutch Gin and locally produced Raspberry fruit, as well as mint leaf. The resulting Pot Still Gin is macerated with the fruit and mint and allowed to bind producing a artisan raspberry mint gin. Upfront raspberry fruit with subtle juniper and background mint and coriander.
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Premium Infused Gin - Lovingly Handcrafted
Ireland | County Down | Saintfield
37.8% - 70cl
Copeland Gin Rhuberry is produced by the house of Herman Jansen and Copeland Spirits Ltd, with the final infusion taking place in Saintfield, County Down. Copeland Spirits was founded in 2015 by Gareth Irvine and by using locally grown produce, has produced a handcrafted Rhuberry Gin. The Rhuberry Gin goes through a Natural Distillation Process, with the Rhubarb and Blackberry Fruit are macerated over a 7-10day period, the resulting macerated fruit is then soaked in the Dutch produced gin and allowed to rest for a number of ...
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