Cadenhead's Classic Gin 50% | Silver Label The Classic Silver Gin from Wm. Cadenhead is their newest edition, with the old label laid to rest, the taste displays upfront Juniper, with a 50% ABV. 7
70cl Bottle image of the 50 Classic Silver Gin, Cadenhead

Cadenhead's Classic Gin 50% | Silver Label

Distilled in Great Britain

Gin Review for the Silver Classic Gin, Cadenhead ...

- Scotland | Argyll
- Campbeltown
- Wm Cadenhead
- Campbeltown and Hayman Distillers
- Small Pot Still - 100% Scottish Grain Spirit
- Juniper Berries - Orange - Lemon Peel - Coriander Seed - Angelica Root
- Orris Root - Cassia Bark - Almond Powder
Alc - Btl
- 50% - 70cl

Description of the 50% ABV Cadenhead Gin ...

The new silver label gin, has been distilled using Scottish grain spirit in a small batch Copper Pot Still by Hayman’s and bottled by Wm. Cadenhead of Campbeltown, Argyll. The gin is distilled with a combination of 9 different botanicals, with Juniper at the forefront.

Fairley's Wines Tasting Note ...

Nose - "Upfront Juniper with spiced citrus fruit."
Palate - "Intense and warm with peppered juniper, with bitter lemon followed by hints of dried orange."
Finish - "Clean and dry with lasting citrus fruit, touched by peppered spice."

Perfect Serve - 1-part Classic Gin / Glass filled with ice / Squeezed Lemon and lime with a slice of Orange / Topped up with a premium neutral Tonic.
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Wm Cadenhead
Scotland | Argyll | Campbeltown
46% - 70cl
First introduced in 1972 by dependent bottlers Wm Cadenhead, the Red Label Gin is a marriage of pure Scottish grain, 9 botanicals and bottled at 46% abv in Campbeltown. Like the blue label the red label Old Raj has Saffron infused after the distillation, prior to bottling. Slightly perfumed with subtle spice and Juniper. Rich with upfront Juniper and cinnamon spice, slightly floral with herbal undertones and clean citrus.
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Wm Cadenhead
Scotland | Argyll | Campbeltown
55% - 70cl
The blue label 55 is a marriage of neutral grain spirit with 9 botanicals, 8 of which are added at distillation in small copper pot stills. The gin is then infused with delicate Saffron, prior to bottling by Scotland’s oldest independent bottler, Wm Cadenhead, Campbeltown. The saffron not only adds spice but imparts a pale-yellow colour to the gin. A more perfumed, aromatic tones with a smoothness.
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