Mór Pineapple Gin The Mór Pineapple Gin is the newest edition to the Arderin Distillery portfolio, using the 4 core botanicals and adding 4 completely different botanicals. 6
50cl Bottle image of the Limited Edition Handcrafted Mór Pineapple Gin

Mór Pineapple Gin

Limited Edition | Handcrafted Fruit Infused Irish Gin

Gin Review for the Pineapple Gin, Mór ...

- Ireland | Offaly
- Tullamore
- Arderin Distillery
- Distiller - Eoin Bara
- Column Still - Grain Base Spirit
- Rotary Evaporation Method
- Juniper Berry - Coriander - Rosemary - Angelica Root - Persian Lime
- Lemongrass - Bergamot Orange - Pineapple
Alc - Btl
- 40% - 50cl

Small Batch Pineapple Gin Description ...

The Small batch Pineapple Gin is combination of 8 different botanicals, 4 existing and 4 new, with the focus on the pineapple. The fruit is steeped individually in the base spirit and allowed to macerate for 24 hours. They are then blended together, prior to the distillation with core gin distillate, with the process taken 4 days per batch. The result is something completely different with upfront Juniper and much more including pineapple.

Arderin Distillery Tasting Note ...

Nose - "Sweet pineapple with a hint of tropical citrus on the nose."
Palate - "Bergamot & Lime citrusy up front with a peppery taste. Lemongrass and Pineapple sweetness comes through for balance."
Finish - "Pineapple Sweet and juniper spice."

Tonic and Pineapple - 1 part Handcrafted Gin into a chilled ice filled Highball Glass / add a wedge of squeezed Lime and top up with Fever Tree Sicilian Lemonade or Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic.
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Mór Berry Irish Gin - Established in Tullamore 2015
Ireland | Offaly | Tullamore
40% - 70cl
Mór Berry Gin has been forged together at Arderin Distillery, using a unique blend of botanicals, steeped together and cut with fresh locally sourced Slieve Bloom fresh mountain water. Established in 2015, in Tullamore, County Offaly by Eoin Bara. Eoin travelled the world and worked in South Africa, learning the trade and has put together a perfectly balanced and very different artisan gin.
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