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Tullamore Handcrafted Irish Gin

Arderin Distillery was established in 2015 by Eoin Bara, located in the town of Tullamore, the micro distillery produces craft gin, under the Mór Handcrafted Gin Label. The name is derived from the highest peak of the Slieve Bloom Mountains, where they also draw their water from, as well as source certain botanicals. They distillers use what is known as Rotary Evaporation Method to distil the gin, with the process taking several days, whereby most of the botanicals are steeped for 24 hours with the neutral grain spirit, before distillation. The Gin’s produced are certainly different and fit in well with the competing market.
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Mór Berry Irish Gin - Established in Tullamore 2015
Ireland | Offaly | Tullamore
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40% - 70cl
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Limited Edition | Handcrafted Fruit Infused Irish Gin
Ireland | Offaly | Tullamore
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40% - 70cl
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