Lacada Giant's Organ IPA Lacada Giant's Organ is a session IPA with subtle citrus and floral hop notes in the middle and end of the finish. There is the fruitiness from Cascade and Chinook but also a spicy, peppery tone from Columbus.
Lacada Brewery Co-Operative - Brewed on the North Coast of Ireland

Lacada Giant's Organ IPA

Lacada Brewery Co-Operative - Brewed on the North Coast of Ireland

- Northern Ireland (NI)
- Co. Antrim
- Portrush - Dunluce Avenue
- Session - India Pale Ale
Alc - Btl
- 4.5% - 330ml

Lacada Brewery Co-Operative Tasting Note ...

Brewed with pale malt and four hops, the majority being the big American aroma hops such as Cascade. With our extensive dry hopping period we are able to pull as much citrus and floral aromas out of these amazing hops and keep them in the beer until you crack one open. Taking its place amongst the new wave of craft India Pale Ales, this beer gives a citrus and tropical fruit aroma on pouring. There is that initial sharp bitter zing to the tongue which soon mellows out to a mixture of pine with a rich burst of citrus as the American hops work their magic on your palate. A fantastic beer with anything spicy, particularly Indian and Thai curries, and bold, sweet desserts or a milder blue cheese, or you can just love it on its own as a great all-rounder to drink with your friends.
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