Eight Degrees Sunburnt Irish Red Ale Eight Degrees Sunburnt Irish Red Ale is like an Irishman on holidays in the Canaries, this beer has a red glow with a chilled out mellow feel. A traditional Irish style with a twist, the distinctive caramel notes are balanced with a hoppy aroma. In Stock
Eight Degrees Sunburnt Irish Red Ale, 5.0% ABV

Eight Degrees Sunburnt Irish Red Ale

Microbrewed In Ireland

- Ireland
- Co. Cork
- Mitchelstown
- Irish Red Ale
- Nugget - Pacifica - Cascade
- Irish Pale Malt - Cara - Munich
Alc - Btl
- 5.0% - 440ml

Eight Degrees Tasting Note ...

Caramel Malt and Bitter Orange.

Colour/Appearance - Pours a rich red colour with a light tan head. Aroma - Burnt caramel notes and a hint of hoppy citrus. Flavour - A modern twist on a traditional Irish style, the toasty caramel flavours are balanced with a soft hop bitterness. Think orange marmalade on toast. Aftertaste - Smooth and sweet with a balanced orange bitterness in the finish.

Food pairings - Serve with a cheese and charcuterie platter: there are enough hops here to stand up to sharp Hegarty’s cheddar cheese and cut through the richness of Gubbeen chorizo. Buttery, rich cheese, whether it has a bloomy rind – eg Cooleeney Farmhouse Cheese, Wicklow Baun – or a washed rind like Cais Rua work well here, the carbonation in the ale effectively cleaning the palate between each bite. Lamb – sweet and ever so slightly fatty – is also a good pairing. Match with a traditional Irish stew or make some lamb burgers, with lots of rosemary, and let the Sunburnt Irish Red shine through.
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