Eight Degrees Seisiun Easy Going IPA Eight Degrees Seisiun Easy Going IPA is Woven deep into the fabric of Irish society and tradition is the seisíun, an informal coming together of people in a pub - over a beer - to play music, tell stories and enjoy each other’s company. In Stock
Eight Degrees Seisiun Easy Going IPA, 4.5% ABV

Eight Degrees Seisiun Easy Going IPA

Microbrewed In Ireland

- Ireland
- Co. Cork
- Mitchelstown
- Session IPA
- Mandarina Bavaria - Citra - Amarillo - Simcoe
- Irish Pale Malt - Carapils
Alc - Btl
- 4.5% - 440ml

Eight Degrees Tasting Note ...

Crisp, Refreshing & Aromatic.

Colour/Appearance - Bright yellow in the glass with a frothy white head. Aroma - Fresh hoppy citrus with light malt notes. Flavour - Pink grapefruit and fresh lime zest on the palate with a crisp hop bitterness. Medium light malt body with a clean and dry finish. Aftertaste - Smooth and crisp with a smack of bitterness in the finish.

Food pairings - Lots of flavour and low alcohol make this a perfect beer to serve over a period of time at a party, relaxed gathering or – as we’ve tested! – beer festival. An ideal pairing is pizza, particularly anything that includes the fabulous chorizo or salami from Gubbeen Smokehouse, as the beer crisply cuts through all that meaty, cheesy gorgeousness with each sip. On the lighter side, try this Seisiún IPA with a St Tola goat cheese and fresh beetroot salad, tossed in a ginger and lime dressing, and see how the hop bitterness complements the citrus.
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