Eight Degrees Full Irish Single Malt IPA Eight Degrees Full Irish Single Malt IPA was first brewed as a once-off beer for a festival in 2014, our fans loved the Full Irish so much that we haven’t been able to stop producing it since. In Stock
Eight Degrees Full Irish Single Malt IPA, 6.0% ABV

Eight Degrees Full Irish Single Malt IPA

Microbrewed In Ireland

- Ireland
- Co. Cork
- Mitchelstown
- Single Malt IPA
- Simcoe - Cascade - Citra - Amarillo
- 100% Irish Pale Malt
Alc - Btl
- 6.0% - 440ml

Eight Degrees Tasting Note ...

Hoppy Fruit Bomb with Rounded Bitterness.

Colour/Appearance - Pours a pale gold colour, with lovely white head. Medium carbonation. Aroma - Lots of hops! It’s a hop bomb with citrus and floral characters, grapefruit at the fore with hints of lime, melon and lychees. Flavour - Hoppy fruit with a biscuity malt body. Aftertaste - Rounded bitterness that cleanes the palate with a lingering sweetness from the single malt, preparing the palate for the next sip.

Food pairings - This single malt ale will pair beautifully with simple grilled fish and barbecued chicken kebabs, the sweet malt flavours working well with anything that’s been carmelised on the grill. Don’t miss an opportunity to try it with something spicier, like barbecued piri-piri prawns and it is also an exceptionally good match with smoked duck, the hops cutting through the rich meat. To finish, get a slice of carrot cake alongside a glass of this and revel in how the beer balances out the cake’s sweetness.
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